Invited Speakers


Peter Czedik-Eysenberg honorary lecture

Dr Reto Battaglia (Switzerland)
The Food Chemist: a Most Sceptical Species!
Today’s Role of the Food Chemist in the Food Supply Chain

Plenary speakers

  • Prof. Dr Thomas Henle (Germany)
    Glycation, lipation and beyond: Post-translational modifications of food proteins
  • Dr Elke Anklam (Belgium)
    Challenges related to food fraud prevention and detection
  • Prof. Paul Finglas (UK)
    The European Food Database Platform and Resources (EuroFIR) – history, applications and future plans
  • Prof. Dr Peter Schieberle (Germany)
    Mercaptanes in Food: Only Bad Guys or Key Contributors to Food Flavors

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Dr. h.c. Huub Lelieveld (Netherlands)
    Harmonization of regulations to control food adulteration, composition and safety, and how to ensure that harmonized regulations are effective
  • Prof. Dr Diána Bánáti (Belgium, Hungary)
    Trends and Uncertainties in Food Safety and Nutrition
  • Dr Juan Fracisco Gacía-Reyes (Spain)
    Matrix-effect free quantitative analysis using nanoflow liquid chromatography high resolution mass spectrometry
  • Prof. Dr Heikki Kallio (Finland)
    Human Milk as a Model of Functional Foods: Identification of the 500 Major Triacylglycerol Regioisomers Lift the Veil
  • Prof. Dr Vincenzo Fogliano (Italy)
    Chemical modifications during food digestion and the true energy content of food
  • Prof. Sándor Tömösközi (Hungary)
    Minor cerelas: chemical composition, functionality, quality and utilisation
  • Prof. Jana Hajslova (Czech Republic)
    Virgin oils oxidation and processing contaminants formation
  • Prof. Nikolai Kuhnert (Germany)
    Analysis of processed food using mass spectrometry
  • Prof. Charlotte Jacobsen (Denmark)
    Optimizing oxidative stability in omega-3 PUFA enriched foods
  • Prof. Marco Arlorio (Italy)
    Chemical Profiling of By-Products from Citrus Bergamia Risso
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